Homie’s 2021 Year in Review + Look Forward to 2022

2021 was a big year for the real estate industry. We saw home prices skyrocket like never before, the lowest housing supply in nearly 40 years, increased competition amongst buyers, and record-low interest rates.

In a year with many uncertainties, Homie hit several major milestones and worked towards its mission of bringing equity and change to real estate, for good. Below are key milestones we accomplished at Homie in 2021.

Saving Consumers Over $100 Million

In 2021, Homie reached a huge milestone by saving consumers more than $113 million and counting since launching in 2015. As the red-hot housing market continues to boom, Homie stands firm with its commitment to making the home buying and selling process accessible to all.

Growth & Expansion

Aside from surpassing the $100 million mark in savings for consumers, Homie grew to new markets this year. In January 2021, Homie expanded to the Idaho market. First up was the greater Boise area, with plans to grow statewide soon. The second significant move was in Arizona, expanding Homie’s reach to include the second-largest city in the state, Tucson. This growth increased the number of states Homie services to five: Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada.

Launch of Homie Cash™ from Homie Loans™*

As the housing market continues to set records and remain more competitive than ever, Homie Loans™ launched Homie Cash™ in the summer of 2021 to help buyers stand out in the crowd. The program allows buyers to make all-cash offers on a house, and this year, when on average each home received multiple bids, this program gave buyers a leg up on the competition.

Launch of Make Homes Possible

In February, Homie and local community leaders launched the Las Vegas Coalition to Make Homes Possible. Its mission is to help close the Black homeownership gap in Southern Nevada by assisting thousands of families in getting on a path to homeownership. The coalition has enrolled 2,500+ students in Homie’s homebuyer master class series and facilitated 500+ housing counseling appointments in the past year. Homie plans to launch similar initiatives in every market it operates in and eventually every city in the United States.

Although it was a crazy year for the real estate industry, Homie continued to push the importance of improving transparency and splitting commissions to make housing more accessible for buyers in one of the most competitive markets, as well as get sellers the most profit for their home. As 2021 comes to an end, Homie will introduce new programs and initiatives to bring equity and change to real estate, for good in the new year.

Turn to a Homie

Are you ready to jump into the market as a buyer or seller in the new year? Homie has a dedicated team of highly experienced agents. Our agents can help you search for your dream home and put in an offer, or if you are selling, help you get your dream offer. Click to start selling or buying and get in touch with your dedicated agent.

*See homie.com/affiliates for more information.