Selling Your Home in Denver: 5 Mistakes You Can Avoid

It’s a seller’s market, which means selling your home should be a breeze right? Possibly, but there are still mistakes home sellers often make which can lead to headaches and complications in the process. Read below about common mistakes in the home selling process to make sure you are set up for success and get the most out of selling your home.


Getting Emotional

Selling your home can be very emotional. After all, it’s the place where you’ve made memories, put time and effort into updating, and it’s the place you called home for years. When strangers enter your home and pick apart every flaw, it can cause homeowners to lose sight of why they are selling their home and become emotional. Try to think of yourself as a businessperson and look at selling your home as a business transaction instead of saying goodbye to all the memories you’ve built. It’s no easy feat, but it will help you get the most out of your home and will make it a much more pleasant experience for you and the buyer. 


Not Hiring an Agent

In a seller’s market, why would you need an agent? Paying high commissions to sell a home in a red-hot market seems silly, and we agree. There is a level of expertise an agent can give you that may get you more money when selling your home. They can easily list your home on the MLS, market to their client database, schedule showings, help with complicated paperwork, and more. Iis it worth paying those high commissions?


Homie Tip: Luckily, Homie has a solution. When you sell with Homie, you pay a low fee no matter the price of your home. You get the same level of service as a typical agent but without the high commissions. We save our customers an average of $15k* when selling their home. It’s the best of both worlds: full service, no high commissions. 


Low Budget Listing Photos

Listing photos can make or break selling your home. You want to present the best version of your home on the MLS to attract the right buyer! This means thoroughly cleaning the home, staging, ensuring you have good natural lighting and hiring a professional to take the photos. If your home is slightly messy, poorly lit, or the photos aren’t clear,you may deter qualified buyers from your home and sell it for less than you’d like. 


“Photos are everything! It’s the first thing a buyer looks at and is what makes them decide whether or not to schedule an in person viewing or scroll right past you.” – Batya Cruz, Homie Listing Agent


Hiding Major Problems

If you’re aware of a major problem and don’t fix it, but still expect above market price for your home–you may be disappointed when the buyer puts in an offer. Chances are that the buyer’s inspection will reveal these issues causing you to have to sell your home below what it’s listed for or having to pay for the repairs. Some options are to either fix the issue prior to listing your home, price under the market value or offer a credit to the buyer to fix the home. 


Homie Tip: Most qualified buyers want a turn-key home, so we suggest fixing any issues prior to selling to get the most for your home.  


Skipping Minimal Upgrades

Some home sellers fear they have to upgrade their entire home before selling which can be costly. This isn’t true for most homes. Sometimes a simple coat of paint, some landscaping, and staging will do the trick. These simple upgrades can greatly impact the buyer’s offer and get you more money for your home. 

“The cheapest and easiest way to get your home show ready is a $40 gallon of paint. Bright white trim and baseboards make the property feel fresh and new, attracting more buyers.”  – Batya Cruz, Homie Listing Agent 


Even though it’s a seller’s market, there are easy mistakes to make when selling your home which can cause frustration and losing out on some money. If you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to quickly selling your home and finding the home of your dreams. 


Homie agents are always here to answer any additional questions you may have about selling your home. Give us a call at (720) 513-7607 or visit us online at to start your listing today. 


*Based on the average Denver home price. Savings may vary.