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On average, our customers save $15,000* by using Homie compared to traditional agents.

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Want Proof? Here are the Numbers

  • Homie listings sell for 1.2% more than comparable homes listed with traditional brokers.
  • Homie listings sell 8 days faster than comparable homes listed with traditional brokers.
  • Homie customers save $15,000* on average compared to a traditional agent.

Based on an independent research study.

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Yeah, We’ve Saved Our Customers That Much

On average, Homie saves sellers over $15k* per transaction. That’s enough money to take a family of five to the movies every weekend for three and a half years. Enjoy your popcorn.

What Does Homie Do?

  • Schedules the photos of your home
  • Sends value reports and pricing recommendations
  • Installs your yard sign
  • Builds your social media ads
  • Publishes your listing on our website and the MLS
  • Filters your buyer calls
  • Negotiates offers on your home
  • Local agent guides you through each part of the process

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Don’t take our word for it!


You can cancel your listing at any time, however the setup fee is non-refundable. It covers the cost of your Homie yard sign and professional photography, which are shipped and ordered automatically when you sign up. If you are unsure about selling your home or have questions about Homie, please contact us before listing.

The MLS and Buyer Agent Commission

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a website where real estate agents search for homes for their buyers. These agents are typically paid a Buyer Agent Commission (BAC) by the seller. Your seller listing fee doesn’t cover any buyer commissions or fees. Here are the two most likely scenarios:

Buyer is using a traditional real estate agent

If you choose to add your home to the MLS, you will need to specify how much BAC (Buyer Agent Commission) you are willing to pay the buyer’s agent. To sell your home quickly, we recommend listing on the MLS and offer a typical commission of 2.5% to 3% to the buyer’s agent.

Buyer is also using Homie

You save even more when the buyer is also represented by Homie. We charge a flat $1,500 buyer fee in addition to the $3,000 seller listing fee. This covers the cost of Homie’s agents and attorneys managing the entire transaction for the seller and buyer.

Example of total fees on $400,000 home:
Costs if Buyer and Seller are Using Homie Costs if Buyer is Using Traditional Agent
Total $4,500 Total $13,500
Seller listing fee
(paid to Homie)
$3,000 Seller listing fee
(paid to Homie)
Buyer Fee
(paid to Homie)
$1,500 Buyer Agent Commission (BAC) at 3%
(paid to buyer’s agent)