5 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home in the Winter

Who wants to move in the winter?

Not a lot of people, that’s for sure. What happens when you need to list your home and move in the cold? Well, there are some advantages. Here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to list your home in the winter.

1. Demand

There are fewer buyers in the market during the chilly winter months. However, that means that more sellers are going to avoid the season, too. It’s likely that if you list during November, December, January, or February, you will be one of very few homes in the neighborhood up for sale. That significantly reduces the amount of competition.

2. Negotiation

Because there are fewer homes on the market, buyers don’t have the opportunity to be as picky as they can be during the summer months. While a fair deal for both parties is the end goal, you’ll have a bit more leverage in negotiations because buyers will be choosing between only a few homes that are selling like hotcakes on a cold day.

3. Timeline

It’s likely that if a buyer is moving during the winter they are on a strict timeline, usually a work obligation. There aren’t many buyers who actively choose to pack up a moving truck in below 30 degree weather. As a seller, you can guess that your transaction will be pushed through as fast as it can be to get things done before the next big snow storm.

4. Scheduling

Most people take time out of the winter months to spend with the fam. In addition to bingeing your favorite animated kid-friendly movies on Disney+, you’ll have more open time to host open houses and schedule tours. Because the school-day shuffle lightens due to holiday breaks, it’s easier to coordinate who’s going where and when. Why not take the kiddos sledding when tours are happening in your home?

5. Homie Can Help You Year-Round

No matter the weather, your dedicated Homie agent’s goal remains the same: Sell your home for top dollar, as efficiently as possible! Click here to get started, and don’t forget to prep your home with our winter maintenance tips!

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