Homie Highlight: Elizabeth Blann

Title: Leads Conversion Specialist

As a leads conversion specialist, Elizabeth informs customers about how they can save thousands while buying or selling their home in the Phoenix Valley. Her day-to-day involves connecting with customers and chatting about what they’re looking for and figuring out what is best for them.

Elizabeth’s Background

Elizabeth is familiar with homes, having lived in more than 25 across seven different states. Originally from Florida, she has moved all over the US working in sales, property management, and the hospitality industries.

Elizabeth became a Phoenix resident in 2017 and loves the amazingly kind people in Arizona. The lack of snow in the state is also a major plus. Soon after moving to the area, it became clear that it was a perfect fit for her and her family, and she’s since bought a home as well as investment properties.

Elizabeth and her husband welcomed their first child after moving to Arizona, and they’ll soon be welcoming their second. They spend their weekends renovating their home or watching their daughter discover the world around her.

Elizabeth is the perfect fit at Homie because she loves to save money. She and her husband were on the episode of House Hunters titled “Big Dreamer vs. Frugal Fancies.” She was the frugal one.

Why Homie?

Elizabeth believes in Homie’s mission of disruption in the real estate industry. She loves connecting with potential customers and educating them on how our innovative business model can help them. Elizabeth emphasizes how much she loves her team and how they work hard to drive change, while at the same time maintaining work-life balance as a priority.

Elizabeth began her Homie career as a showing agent. She was excited to find a company where she was asked for her opinion and then was really listened to. She felt that her training as a showing agent was so different from any other sales position she’d been in because she was told to truly advocate for the customers’ best interests, even if it would break the deal. She was excited to be a part of a company that lived by its values.

When asked about the best parts of her job, she said, “I love that moment when I hear the full understanding in a customer’s voice that by using us they will save thousands of dollars, whether buying OR selling. My favorite thing I hear people say is, ‘I don’t understand why everyone wouldn’t do this.’ Me either, buddy. Go tell your friends because Homie is awesome and so are our customers.”

Join the Disruption

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