Homie Highlight: Janet Espinoza

headshot of Janet Espinoza

Title: Listing Agent

As a listing agent, Janet helps homeowners with the sale of their home with Homie. She’s available to answer any questions our clients have during the process and assists them on the entire journey along the way. From getting their home listed with Homie and on the MLS, to marketing the listing online to attract buyers, and negotiating the terms of the sale.

Janet’s Background

Janet joined the real estate industry in 2008 and has 12 years of experience as a full time professional real estate agent. Janet is inspired by the stories of those that have overcome adversity. When she first joined the real estate market on the heels of a recession, she met many homeowners and new buyers with adversity stories to share.

Janet’s parents came to the US from Mexico, making lots of sacrifices to give Janet and her siblings access to better opportunities. “When they bought their first home, it was accomplishing the American dream,” Janet shared, inspired to help other families achieve the same dream. Janet is fluent in Spanish and available to help families achieve that American dream while saving thousands with Homie.

She’s passionately about helping families, recognizing the trust her clients place her in, and striving to exceed their expectations.

Why Homie?

As Janet watched the real estate industry grow and change over the last decade, she knew there was a better way of doing real estate.

“Technology is advancing, and people – especially millennials and generation Z are adapting to the new tech simplification process available.” When she heard of Homie, she knew she had to be a part of the real estate movement that’s empowering buyers and sellers in the process.

Janet’s favorite part of being a Homie agent is getting to know her clients and teammates on a personal level. “It’s the most gratifying part of the job to meet people from all walks of life and help them with such a personal process like selling or buying their home.”

Join the Disruption

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