Homie Highlight: Juan Gomez

Title: Buyer’s Agent

As a buyer’s agent, Juan is here to help you find the home you have been dreaming of. From touring homes to negotiations and all the way to closing, he will guide you through the home buying process.

Juan’s Background

Juan was born and raised in Ecuador, and since 2006 has lived in six different states in the U.S. He moved to Utah to be closer to his family, and he couldn’t resist the beautiful mountains. When he isn’t helping his clients, you can find Jaun spending time with his family, playing sports, or even skydiving.

When Juan was getting ready to buy his first home, he saw how much money went into REALTOR® fees and decided to become an agent to save some money. He quickly fell in love with real estate and decided to make a career out of it. Now he works at Homie, as a talented, bilingual buyer’s agent!

Why Homie?

During one of his transactions, Juan was able to be a buyer’s agent for a Homie listing. He had seen the billboards around town and had some questions about Homie so he talked to the listing agent about Homie, and he was sold on the Homie way.

He saw that, with Homie, not only could he offer his clients his experience and knowledge but he could also give them something more, by being able to give clients a rebate of up to $2,500.

Everyone wants to buy or sell a home, and Homie has made that dream easier and more affordable. His favorite part of the job is getting to know his clients and seeing the big smiles on their faces when he hands them the keys.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

Want to learn more about what Homie real estate agents do for their clients? Click here.

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